Cristiano Ronaldo’s Ballon d’Or and An Example of Leadership

Ronaldo’s 4th Ballon d’Or
Ronaldo’s award came at the back of Real Madrid’a Champions League win, and Ronaldo leading his country to a Euro title. Apparently, this was the factor that determined that he was more worthy of the award than fierce rival Lionel Messi. Beyond just individual technical football skill, which both players have in abundance, the Ballon d’Or winner has also another trait that separates him from the pack – LEADERSHIP.

Ronaldo’s Leadership and Your Business

Ronaldo has demonstrated during his time as Captain of the national team that he is always behind them, and supporting them in the background. As many football fans remember, Ronaldo got injured in the finals of the European Championships, but was edging his teammates on from the sidelines. There were even memes going around saying he was one of the few players ever known to turn an injury into a short managerial career.

Personally, I would say he was taking his captaincy seriously, and does not see the injury as a hindrance to his task at hand. This shows 2 values of leadership in action – determination, and passion.

Just like Ronaldo in the finals, your business would hit a snag one day in future. There is no business model that would not be subject to challenges. However, the most important thing is to face it with determination and passion, in order to overcome the challenges. How you react to challenges in your business ultimately determines if you survive and make money.

Training your mindset practically for business is just as important as well. After all, the right and practical education would set the right attitude towards your online business. Your attitude ultimately determines your success in business. To learn more about getting the right attitude, click here and get top tier step-by-step coaching in your online business.

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