Fed Rate Hike and Online Marketers

Fed Rate Hikes Surprise the Markets

I’m not sure if the rate hikes are a surprise. During President Trump’s campaign, although he didn’t divulge more information to the voters on his specific policies, his general direction does point in this direction. But what is more surprising, is that the Feds are actually forecasting three interest rate hikes next year. On top of that, we also believe that this number is just a conservative estimate, and could increase even more once President-elect Donald Trump takes office.

So What Does It Mean For Us?

Well, a single rate increase on its own may not make a difference. If the Fed continues to raise them slowly (like always), it may be a while before you see a change in your mortgages, savings accounts, etc.

But now, is seems that the Feds are planning to raise the key short-term rate more regularly. That could mean a visible increase in mortgage rates, auto loans rates, and (on the off-chance) a very slight savings rates increase – banks tend to wait for even bigger rate increases before they increase ours.

Tuning In to the Effects

The thing is, we don’t really know for sure until the rate hikes planned by the Feds do happen. There’s a lot of uncertainty on how much the rates will increase, and if the increase is going to be slow and gradual even though there’s multiple increases for example. Or even if the Feds are really going to make more than 3 rate increases.

Safeguarding Our Financial Interests (No pun intended… Well, maybe a little)

So with all the looming volatility set to be put in motion, how prepared are your savings and businesses for it? One way is by having alternate international income streams. A business model that doesn’t depend much on the political landscape of just one country, in a niche or market segment that is a need or a want beyond political landscape.

Is there such a thing?

YES! The online business model is one that works that way. Look, we need the internet as a source of information and social interaction (I don’t think that’s a good thing that we’re socially interacting like this, but I digress). Nowadays, we even depend on it as a source of education! By capitalizing on this, we can actually earn an income online, by using the right techniques, tactics and guidance. But of course, you’d need proper guidance and step-by-step coaching. It is a business, and it is going to incur costs.

However, this program right here would help you get your online business to a flying start. It teaches you step-by-step on how to start your online business, and includes a personal coach to help you along as well. It even has a plug-in turnkey system, which helps you start earning commissions while their sales team do most of the work.

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