Paige VanZant’s Dance-Off – A Marketing 101 Case Study

A Face-off Turned Dance-off?

Traditionally, face-offs are seriously intimidating affairs. 2 fighters who are about to get in the ring try to show who’s better by cutting an imposing stature at each other for the cameras, and also for their opponent’s psyche. But that didn’t happen as planned ahead of Saturday’s UFC on Fox 22. UFC women’s strawweight contender (and also former “Dancing with the Stars” runner-up) Paige VanZant together with her upcoming opponent, Michelle Watterson squared off in a dance-off instead.

Surprising? Not Really

Although such a face-off was unexpected, one must consider that these two fighters don’t really know how to trash talk or psyche each other out to start with. In fact, there was practically no trash talk in the build up to the fight (come on, Waterson’s effort to verbally psych out her opponent in the run-up to Saturday’s fight was merely just stating a fact!). And guess what? This fight has garnered more publicity just because of this compared to many other fights before this.

The Marketing Angle – How It Worked

By having a face-off out of the norm, what Waterson and VanZant did was a complete opposite of the expectations of everyone else. This definitely created a certain buzz around the fight, which led to people getting curious about it. I would dare say that there are many non-UFC viewers who would have gotten their interests piqued, and would sniff around to see what it’s about. There’s even a chance that UFC might have gained some new fans on top of this buzz!

In any form of business, be it online or offline, generating a buzz and subsequently interest for your products is important. By creating a buzz and generating interest for your product, you get people curious and bring them to you instead of finding them. It shortens your average promotion time per customers, drastically increasing your promotional efficiency.

Social Media Buzzing

One free marketing strategy that could help you create interest and buzz is social media marketing. It doesn’t cost a cent to set up a Facebook business profile or a Twitter account. An easy way to create a buzz or hype on social media about your products is to tag on current trends. Check out weekly or daily current trends and tag on to it while people are interested. It can be a simple tweet, a blog post, or a Facebook note.

Beyond the buzz, however, it’s important to post regularly so that your followers don’t forget about you. You also need to be aware of the need to stay relevant. This not only helps you strengthen your position, but also helps you attract more followers. To do this, create a schedule for sending out posts. For example, you could post on Facebook and send out a Tweet at the same time every Monday through Friday. If you have the time available, you should try and post two or three times throughout the day.

Unlike the UFC, you don’t need to immediately make a large investment to create a buzz on social media. You can start small and learn more about your particular niche’s customers before you dive in and create a buzz by spending money.

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