Rogue One – A Lesson in Building A Legacy

It’s Out! Excited Much?

You can’t run away from the adverts announcing or preparing the crowd for Star Wars: Rogue One hitting the screen. For the non-initiated, Star Wars: Rogue One is another installment to the Star Wars Universe franchise; a franchise whose first movie was released back in 1977. After all these years, the franchise is still pretty much on its A-Game and is still commanding a huge following; be it from the young or from the old, loyal fans.

The brand loyalty and hype the Star  Wars franchise generates is the envy of many businesses the world over. Their cult-like following has helped the franchise generate profits not just by the truckloads, but possibly by the ship loads or even rocket loads. This influx in profits allows the franchise to actually use more funds to create the next movie, which will in turn create a bigger box office impact for the next movie, and the cycle goes on.

Cycle Effect of Money

There’s a simple model that the Star Wars franchise works on. With every movie, the next gets bigger and better, with more money spent on it. But despite that, they’re still breaking the box office banks like no tomorrow with each new installment. This is, in fact, how most businesses scale up and grow.

Most online entrepreneurs spend their first big paycheck on themselves as a reward. There’s nothing wrong in that, but instead of spending all on something, wouldn’t it be wiser to re-invest that money to scale up your business and grow it for bigger profits? With re-investing in your business, your increased investment in it might reap even bigger profits.

Of course, you need to know which part of your business you need to reinvest in. Reinvesting in a portion of the business which is making a loss, or not generating a high enough ROI would be detrimental, and could wipe out all your past earnings in a day. So you need to identify what works and what doesn’t, before throwing your money there.

So how About Internet Businesses?

In internet marketing or your online business, the simplest way to scale your business is by investing in the traffic method that works to your offer page. There’s of course more than one consideration when buying traffic, like filters and keywords, etc. No point we pay for clicks that do not have a high chance to convert, no matter what the offer or price is.

However, beyond just traffic, there are also other aspects of traffic generation that comes into play. Things like convertability of your landing pages, follow ups, etc. play a huge role in internet marketing or affiliate marketing.

Sounds overwhelming? This is just one aspect of building an income online. This step-by-step course right here would help you get your online business fundamentals right. To top it off, you get your own Coach to guide you through the program. So go ahead and take action. Click here to find out more about the program.

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