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Making Memories on Your Affiliate Marketing Like the NFL Playoffs

So it’s the new year, and a new season of playoffs begin. As humans, we thrive on competition, and what is not more human than a sports competition featuring the country’s best athletes. It’s basic human instinct to compete, and that’s why sports (regardless of what type of sports) are popular and capture our imagination and attention.

The thing about Sports is that it gives hope of a good underdog story that will be etched in everyone’s mind for years to come. Take Liecester City’s unexpected English Premiership WIn last season. We are half way through this season, and people are still talking about it. Even now, people are still rooting for them in the Champions League games, despite their struggles with their domestic league performance.

So you see, in sports, a good underdog story would actually give people something to remember. Now don’t you wish you can get that kind of memory/loyalty for your online marketing brand and business? How do you get into the heads of your potential customers to actually remember you before they remember anyone else? How do you give them the sign and signal saying “listen, if you need this product, buy from me and not him, ever”?

The Magic of the Purchase is in the Follow Up!

In case you haven’t already heard, majority of your prospects will not buy from you on the first exposure to your product. In fact, most of your prospects who are exposed to your products need multiple exposures before you can get a sale. The National Association of Sales Professionals did a study, and only 2% of sales are made on first contact. So where are the Bulk of the Sales Coming From?

80% of sales are made on the 5th-12th contact.

That means, they need to be exposed to your products between 5-12 times before they even get to a point of buying your product. In short, if you miss out following up on the 5th time or more, you risk losing a sale which has an 80% chance of happening. Here, persistence does matter more in order to capture your first sale. But persistence, though, is not enough.

Content is just as important

Beyond just showing your presence, your follow-up content must have a purpose to advance your sale agenda, while highlighting either a benefit of you product, taking down the barriers and objections to your product, or even better, both. Having said that, your follow-up must also be consistent with your messaging to capture the lead. While you can be persistent, a confused messaging in your follow-up would be much more of a turn off rather than persuasive.

In short : Your follow-up messaging must be consistent and persistent in order to get that sale

Do note that following up goes beyond your front end sale. You still need to follow up in order to get your back-end sales. Your sales do not (and should not) stop at just the basic products, especially if you want to succeed in online marketing. The best way is to outsource or automate this process (or get someone else to do it for you).

If you want an easy way to do this, here’s a program that not only gives you training, it automates the selling, has it’s own funnels, and follows-up on your front end sale to give you big back-end commissions.