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Inbox Dollars, Surveys & Social Media – Why They’re The Same

When we mention Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, we always have this idea of it being a platform to connect with our friends and loved ones. It’s a platform to share information, update people we care about on our lives, and some have even found their life partners through them. Overall, it seems that these platforms provide a service for us, right? So how are they in the same league of marketing survey companies like Inbox Dollars, for example?

It’s All About the Data

All these companies are in the business of mining information from users to sell to advertisers. That’s why you always seem to have adverts appearing on your newsfeed which are in line with your surfing patterns. If you think Facebook gets it’s revenue USD 14.6 billion from your purchases of Apps, you’re quite a distance off the mark.

Just like Inbox Dollars, Facebook serves as a data miner. However, while Inbox Dollars are upfront with you, Facebook would get data from you based on your social surfing patterns and posts, which you willingly give to Facebook. Even more so if you fill up your profile details. Here’s the difference: Inbox Dollars would give you something in return, to fill up survey forms with some targeted information that the advertisers want, while Facebook, makes it easier for you to keep on posting so that they get more information.

Is It All Gloom and Doom? No!

Although information on this is available readily (like the video above), people still continue to flood Social Media with their posts and information because it’s a convenient way to get connected. How many of us have found lost connections via Facebook (or Friendster earlier)? I know I have. And keeping in touch with friends now have been easier as well; all with a click of a button.

What Does This Mean for Online Marketers?

There’s plenty of advice on how to utlise social media for marketing. For one, it doesn’t cost a cent to set up a Facebook business profile or a Twitter account, until you start advertising. The most important thing is to post relevant content regularly. This also helps you attract more followers.

You should create a schedule for sending out posts. For example, you could post on Facebook and send out a Tweet at the same time every Monday through Friday. If you have the time available, you should try and post two or three times throughout the day.

Though, it’s not uncommon for your marketing strategy to grow stale. You might notice positive results after you start your marketing campaign, only for it to die off.

Beyond Just Posting on Social Media – Being Personable

It’s easy to use a mechanical approach to marketing. You’ve got a schedule and you stick to it. You’re consistent and reliable. But, you need to be personable when sharing content on social media.

Don’t use the same phrases and wording in every post. When you introduce curated content, don’t use the default message. Create something original. You want to sound like you’ve read the content that you’re sharing.

Being more social also means interacting with your followers. Don’t be afraid to ask a question or encourage feedback from your followers. Thank them for their input and get a conversation going. This will make your brand feel more approachable.

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