The Electoral Collage – Trump’s Confirmation of his Marketing Strategy

With the conclusion of the Electoral Collage, Donald J. Trump can now officially assume the title of President-elect of the United States of America. For those who aren’t familiar with the US political system, the Electoral College process consists of the selection and the meeting of the electors where they vote for President and Vice President.

This is done after the usual popular vote, where each qualified citizen casts their vote for the President of the United States of America. The popular vote is taken as a signal to each State’s electors in the Electoral Collage on who the people feel the next President should be.

The Electoral Collage delegates would then come together and then cast their votes for the appointment of the President of the United States of America. Most of the times, the delegates would vote as per how their state voted.

Trump’s Victory – Starving Crowd Mentality at Work?

With Donald Trump achieving victory in the popular vote, this was Hillary Clinton’s last shot to persuade the electors to not vote along the lines of the popular votes. Nonetheless, as per usual this time as with other times (very few incidents of electors gone rogue), it was a mere formality to elect President Trump into office.

For the purpose of learning business techniques, we have to see beyond the morality of what he says or suggests, or his policy recommendations and effect. That would be a discussion for another article at another time.

Trump’s campaign for President was a classic marketing case of a starving crowd mentality. It’s always about knowing what the crowd wants and tailoring your messages to seem as though you are the only solution for their wants. After all, Trump is a businessman and this is what businessmen do best. His campaign had garnered support by giving the crowd what they want to hear from a person of a position. Effective keywords he used like change, great america, etc also further his cause to reach the most powerful office in the world.

Do You Have a Trump Card in Your Business Then?

If the starving crowd mentality can bring Trump into office, imagine what this can do to your business! First thing you need to do when you’ve identified your niche, is to identify your starving crowd keywords. Implement them in your promotional material and your ads to get their attention. Often, things like a rhetorical question or stating a state of mind your crowd is in would do the work.

Of course, getting eyeballs to your offers is just half of the work. Beyond just getting them to your offer, you need to show YOU are the best solution for them;  that you are their Trump card. This would entice them to sign-up or find out more about your offers. The rest, is the usual internet marketing cycle and systems that you put in place to get that sale (your autoresponders, sales call, follow-ups, etc).

Automation & Outsourcing – Your Sales Multiplier

The post-sale part is a lot of work. Automating or outsourcing this part, though, could bring you additional revenue. This is so you can focus on the revenue-generating side of business; i.e. the marketing. A project like this could take weeks, months or even years to build up. However, why build it up when there’s a system that actually has everything set up for you already? This system will help you sell the products, and all you need to do is to drive traffic to their landing pages. They’ll take care of the rest. It even comes with one-to-one personal coaching. So go on. Click here to get your foot into the system now.

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