Why Multi-Tasking is Bad for Your Business


When do we multi-task?

There are times when we are faced with no choice but to multi-task. However, when is I detrimental to our results, and when is it ok to do so? Part of the reason we multitask is because the activities we’re doing are easy, and do not require much capacity on our brain. In other words, we are doing multiple, minimally stimulating activities at the same time. Like listening to music when you’re driving down the highway.

But when it comes to your business, anything you can do while multitasking is probably not something you should be doing in the first place. You need to focus on your business goals, and tasks at hand to make it count. A simple slip while multi-tasking may cause some undesirable and irreparable errors. Generating a wrong post, or misaddressing your client is something you do not want to end up having to deal with.

Focused Blocks as an Alternative

One simple tip is to work in concentrated one-hour blocks. You would need to find a space for yourself where you shut off all distractions, and focus on just one thing at a time. It will not be easy, but if you can resist the urge to multitask and spread your attention over five different things at one time, you’ll be able to accomplish things well.

It could be placing your ad, writing an email to your list, or even doing a bit of market research. Your results will be better than trying to rush and multi-task to complete these 3 tasks together within an hour. After all, each task is given a focus as you maximise the use of your mental capacity for it. Personally, doing just two of these one-hour concentrated blocks of work helped me accomplish more in those two hours than multi-tasking for eight hours.

I can’t stress to you how important working this way really is. By using this ultra-focus technique, you get to work less hours, but make those hours five times more productive.

Leveraging on Systems

However, if you want to leverage even more on this technique, this system here allows you to focus on the revenue generating tasks instead of the other back-end work. A funnel and sales team are already set-up and there to assist you in making all the sales for you, as you focus on getting traffic to these funnels. It definitely cuts down the workload and runway lead time for you to take off in this business.

So, give it a shot! Click here now to get involved.

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One thought on “Why Multi-Tasking is Bad for Your Business

  1. Noel

    Totally agree with the importance of focussing on one task in concentrated one-hour blocks. Multi-tasking is not efficient as we spend more time transitioning from one task to the other. It’s also important to turn off cell phones, email alerts, instant messengers, etc. to be able to focus more on a task.


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